Educational Theory into Practice Software

About Us

The ETIPS Team is comprised of

Project Leaders
Sara Dexter (PI), University of Virginia, and Doug Harris and David Gibson of the Vermont Institutes.

Project Coordinators & Evaluators
Cassie Scharber of CAREI, at the University of Minnesota, and Eric Riedel of Walden University, and Kirk Vandersall,formerly of Metiri Group.

Software Developers & Designers
Michael Knapp, Brandt Kurowski, and Ben Tucker of Green River Data Analysis, Ellis Neder of Sway Design, and Ron Stevens and Joycelin Palacio-Cayetano of the IMMEX Software Development Lab at UCLA.

Read more about team members' institutions and companies below:

  • The Leadership, Foundations, and Policy department in the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia hourses the Educational Administration and Instructional Technology programs. Technology leadership is a new area of emphasis in the department, designed to bridge between these two programs and help develop effective technology leadership.
  • The Vermont Institutes (VI) works with states, districts, schools and communities to transform science, mathematics, and technology education in order to improve the learning and the skills of all students. VI supports change in a systemic way by working with all constituents who have a stake in education.
  • The Metiri Group serves the education community through a broad range of consulting services that empower educators and education institutions to:
    • Advance effective teaching and learning,
    • Use technology in powerful and meaningful ways, and
    • Foster 21st Century Skills in students, teachers and administrators
  • Green River writes Web-based software to promote learning opportunities for all students, public health for those in need, and a sustainable ecosystem. It helps its clients apply Web technologies for the improvement of education, the promotion of health, and the protection of the environment.
  • Sway Design is a New York-based design studio that plans, designs and creates websites, interactive brands and online educational content. Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds and range from small business and non-profit organizations to large universities and Fortune 500 companies.
  • For the past 10 years the IMMEX Software Development Lab at UCLA has been developing frameworks for the classroom integration of problem-solving technologies that provide guidelines for teacher-directed authoring of problem-solving software for effective curriculum/software integration, for the implementation of technology for learning and assessment, for data analysis and reporting, and lastly, for development of models of student learning.