Educational Theory into Practice Software

Technical Specifications for Cases

In order for cases in ETIPS to work properly, users need to have the technology specifications listed below.

Processor Speed

A PC (i.e. Windows-based operating system) running Windows 98 or higher should be sufficient. Any Macintosh running OS 9 or higher should be sufficient.

Internet Connectivity

A 56K dialup should be adequate, but the data will be much more easily accessed with a broadband connection, such as a cable modem, DSL, or a T1.

Internet Browser

You will need to have both Cookies and JavaScript enabled on your browser.

To run the cases with Firefox, you can get the latest download at:

To run the cases with Internet Explorer,

To run the cases with Netscape, PCs or Macs will need Netscape Navigator 7 or Netscape Communicator 7 or above. If Netscape needs to be installed, it can be downloaded at

To run the cases with AOL Internet access, after you are signed into AOL, open either Netscape or Internet Explorer. The cases will not run inside AOL's browser.

Safari is the recommended browser for Mac OS X.

Additional Software

All computers must have the latest Flash browser plug-in installed. This can be found on Macromedia's site at: